The Awesome Show: The Movie is a project by the creators of The Awesome Show, Robin Punzalan and K12 Studios, Inc. The project is currently being funded right now.

Possible Plot:Edit

According to Robin Punzalan, the plot of the movie will be about Nate and Nevil's adventure across the world and their friendship wont be the same.

Web Celebrities:Edit

According to Robin Punzalan, there may be some guest star celebrities, they are still in search of some celebrities. Rianna Punzalan will search for some guest stars.



The deadline is on September 01, 11:59PM PT. The project is not funded yet. It will maybe soon....

Movie Length:Edit

According to the Indiegogo post, the length of the film will be depending on the amount pleged by the time of the deadline.

Money Pleged Length of FIlm
$250,000 Half-Hour (Made-for-Television) Special
$275,000 A 35-Minute Special
$300,000 A 40-Minute Special
$325,000 A 45-Minute Special
$500,000 60-minute (Direct-to-Video) Movie
$700,000 Full Length Feature (Theatrical) Film

Fund this Project!Edit

You can see the Indiegogo project here: [1]


Rewards will be given to those who will pledge a certain amount of money to the project.

Amount Reward Remaining
$1 For supporting thanks! Infinite (Unknown)
$10 You will get "The Awesome Show" poster.


(0 Backers)

$20 You will get an "The Awesome Show" T-shirt!


(0 Backers)

$100 You will get "The Awesome Show" comic book! And you will get all the rewards above.


(0 Backers)

$500 You will get to be on The Awesome Show and will get to be on The Awesome Show: The Movie!

5 Out of 5 Remaining

(0 Backers)

$1,000 You can get to be the executive producer for The Awesome Show! And other rewards listed above.

4 Out of 4 Remaining

(0 Backers)

$2,500 You will get credit for making The Awesome Show DVD! And get other rewards listed above.

1 Out of 1 Remaining

(0 Backers)

$5,000 You will get permission to make The Awesome Show an Official Website! And credit will be signed on the bottom of the page, will have your signature and credit for on the bottom part of the website.

1 Out of 1 Remaining

(0 Backers)

$6,000 A secret cameo appearance of you, will be in the movie!

1 Out of 1 Remaining

(0 Backers)

Backer Interactivity:Edit

According to the project, "All in all, it will take no more than six weeks to complete, but the whole time we are making it, we want you interacting. Backers of the project will be given access to a private online community where they can watch the progress of the film, see designs and sample animation, view the making-of as it happens, and communicate with the filmmakers personally on an exclusive forum."

Meaning that backers could make a significant role in making the film as they have access to the film progress and communicate suggestions to the filmmakers.


At the moment, there is no plan for international distribution outside of, which means that the movie (or adventure special) is Indiegogo- exclusive.

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