The show, included some exclusive bonuses that can only be unlocked by watching all of the episodes. The episode exclusives contain,
secret codes,
access to the awesome show dvd,
and a sneak peek look at the movie
and a tour to K12 Studios Entertainment, Inc. and the making of the film,
plus, gets a free lunch with Robin and Rianna Punzalan.

The Awesome Battle Of The Bands:Edit

Neon sign116

Code Exclusives:Edit

Code:#336F9TTY - Access to unlocking on, 10000 member points.

Merchandise Exclusives:Edit

Type the password, "DRUM STICKS", and enter it on, and you will recieve:


  • The Awesome Show Pen, with Robin and Rianna Punzalan's signature on it.

Movie Sneak Peek Exclusives:Edit

Type the word, "GUITAR", and enter it at, and you will get the sneak peek of the movie, "Flight To Around World".

Other Bonuses:Edit


Two Awesomes:Edit

Neon sign117

Code Exclusives:Edit

Code:#FFG22SSH - Access to unlocking on, 10000 member points.

King Awesomes:Edit

Neon sign118