Toilet Heads
Author Robin Punzalan
Illustrator Robin Punzalan
Publication date August 2013 (United States)
December 2012 (United Kingdom)
Published by Robin Punzalan
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Toilet Heads 2

Toilet Heads is a comic book of The Awesome Show. It contains over 80 comics. It contains comics, 001-080. Robin Punzalan, announced that the comic book would come out in August 2013.

Published On:Edit

United States - August 2013
United Kingdom - December 2012


001- No Toilet Paper
002- Beard
003- Dentist
004- Rat

More of the list will be updated soon.


Available At:Edit

United States - Target, Walmart, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Indiegogo (Only if donated).
United Kingdom - Target, and Walmart.

Sequel: Toilet Heads 2:Edit

Robin Punzalan announced there would be a sequel to "Toilet Heads". It is going to come out on in Summer 2014.